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Warforged have always been one of my favourite things about Eberron – humanoid simulacrum, infused with souls, confronted with a terrifying new freedom, and lingering hatred for their oppressors. Not every successful Eberron campaign has warforged, but in my experience, it almost always helps. They represent a flavour of the setting that makes it so unique, and why so many people flock to it, even after all these years.

However, I never liked the way that warforged in 5th edition feel very bland. The only two features that make them unique – Constructed Resilience and Integrated Protection – feel too much like a simple resistance and AC buff. It doesn’t make a player feel like their warforged character, or a warforged NPC they may meet, is unique in this strange world. Especially as it doesn’t track in canon – at the start of production, they were very generic, but near the end of production they were a very diverse product, tailored to each specific purpose. One might have been a complete juggernaut on the battlefield, while another might be the best assassion in the Five Nations. While class differentiations help, it makes no sense, racially, that these warforged are built exactly the same, especially when, say, tabaxi make excellent rogues or aasimar make great clerics.

So, that was the thought process behind this document. I’ve definately poured a lot more into this one than others, but it’s been great fun to do so. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have. This document also details how these rules would affect dragonforged, from Morgrave Miscellany, because the version there, although somewhat broken, is so fantastically full of flavour that I wanted to include them. As an added bonus, there’s a little information on what I call “Xen’drik Automatons”, which would be the original models that warforged were based on.

Tl;Dr: New, deconstructed Warforged/Dragonforged races, 13 new “Armblade/Wandsheath” magic items, 5 new Docents, and 12 new Warforged Statblocks to use in your games.

Don’t get me wrong, I love tieflings. The customisability, the extra spells, and the horns, I love it all.

But another one of the really interesting things about Eberron is the place they have. They aren’t feared or shunned, because demons don’t look like horned devils. Instead the rakshasa are the bogeymen for children under the bed. And do you know what? It’s actually really cool to play a tiefling without the shunned and afraid aspects. And the planar tieflings from Morgrave Miscellany are fantasticly flavourful. If only there was more of them.

This article above begs the question; what are the right sorts of demons? If a player comes up to me and says they want to play a tiefling because of the role play oppurtunities, there’s only one good alternative; the tabaxi.

The following is a set of “quick and 

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